This Washington County Has The Oldest Homes In The State

Heritage house Seattle Washington USA

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The United States is full of charming houses that have been around as long as your grandparents. In fact, 12.8% of all American homes were built in 1939 or before, according to Stacker. While historic homes can be expensive to renovate, unique architecture, interesting features, and long-term value can be a nice trade-off.

If you're thinking about owning a piece of history in Washington, Stacker also has you covered. Researchers "compiled a list of the counties in Washington with the oldest homes using data from the U.S. Census Bureau. Counties are ranked by median year the structure was built according to 2020 5-year estimates. Ties broken by the highest percentage of homes built before 1939."

According to the website, Garfield County has the oldest homes in the state. Analysts also provided the statistics for this county:

  • Median year homes built: 1952
  • Homes built 1939 or earlier: 37.8% (450 homes)
  • Homes built since 2000: 13.3% (158 homes)
  • Total homes built: 1,189

Here are the Top 10 Washington counties with historic homes:

  1. Garfield County
  2. Columbia County
  3. Lincoln County
  4. Walla Walla County
  5. Grays Harbor County
  6. Adams County
  7. Cowlitz County
  8. Yakima County
  9. Asotin County
  10. Whitman County

Check out Stacker's full report.

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