This Restaurant Serves The Best Noodles In Seattle

Chinese noodles with braised pork chop

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Noodle dishes are a special kind of comfort food. Nothing can beat the feeling of slurping up noodles bursting with flavor and different ingredients, especially when it's stewing in a hearty broth.

For any Seattlites looking for an amazing noodle dish, Yelp has the scoop on which restaurant serves the best noodles in the area.

After searching the "Noodles" category and filtering by highest rating, Taurus Ox claimed the top spot!

This fast-casual restaurant has a 4.5-star rating with nearly 260 reviews. Taurus Ox serves bold and authentic Laotian cuisine in Central District. They have two noodle dishes on the menu: khao soi, which are vermicelli noodles topped with a ground pork sauce made with tomato and ma tua nao, a traditional fermented soybean paste, and other ingredients.

The other is phad lao, which are rice noodles tossed in a wok and served with cabbage, herbs, shredded egg, pickled Fresno chili, purple daikon, and crushed peanuts.

Yelper Pratima M. gushed about phad lao in her review: "I got the Phad Lao and it was SO. FIRE. It was spicy and flavorful and had tons of vegetables and I was really such a fan. It was the littlest bit reminiscent of Thai food, but had its own twist."

You can find Taurus Ox at 1523 E Madison St., Ste 101.

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