'So Rude!': Plane Flips Off Washington State In Viral Post

Photo: Getty Images

A pilot made a cheeky drawing in the skies over Washington state recently, according to FOX 13.

The news station posted a TikTok on Tuesday (August 30) showing a plane tracing what appears to be a middle finger over the Evergreen State. FlightAware, the flight tracking website, caught the obscene gesture and says it was the work of a Piper Navajo plane. The aircraft took off around 9:15 a.m. and landed before 4:10 p.m.

Reporters noted that the finger appears to be pointing toward Whatcom County. The pilot even detailed the entire hand and fingernails.

"So rude!" one of the TIkTok's captions reads.

A viral Reddit post originally exposed this pilot's impressive aerial skills with a screenshot, which racked up over 57,000 upvotes in a couple of days.

"Looks like a Survey Pilot's last day today," the post is titled. Other social media users had some words for the hilarious picture.

"Talk about detail, he even put a thumb nail on!" a Redditor says.

"As a former survey pilot, this is definitely something that would happen at the end of a contract," another wrote.

"To be fair, that's not the worst thing a pilot has traced in the sky over WA," a TikTok user commented.

And they're correct! FOX 13 says the last time Washington state saw something like this was in 2019. Two U.S. Naval officers drew a "phallic" object in the skies.

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