'Window Of Opportunity' To Stop Monkeypox Spread May Be Closing

Monkeypox vaccine clinic in California

Photo: Getty Images

Experts warn that the window of opportunity to contain the escalating monkeypox outbreak could be closing.

The United Kingdom Health Security Agency said its expecting to run out of its initial 50,000 vaccines within the next two weeks and may not receive another batch until September, while the virus continues to spread, CNBC reports.

Other countries currently facing high numbers of cases are contemplating taking inoculation methods as supplies continue to decrease.

The World Health Organization said Wednesday (August 17) that the cases had risen by 20% during the previous week alone.

Bavarian Nordic, which supplies the sole approved vaccine for monkeypox, announced a signed agreement with Grand River Aseptic Manufacturing to aid in distributing orders of its Jynneos vaccine in the United States, while allowing more capacity for other countries, which is expected to take effect in an estimated three months.

On Wednesday, Bavarian Nordic announced that it was unsure whether it could meet the rising demand to distribute vaccines amid the ongoing monkeypox outbreak in a statement sent to Bloomberg.com.

The Danish company said it was "in conversations with multiple companies to further expand manufacturing capacity globally,” a company spokesperson said to Bloomberg in the email.

Rolf Sass Sorensen, a vice president at the firm, said that the company planned to shift outside of its Danish facility during a phone call with Bloomberg on Wednesday after previously projecting it could fill all orders from its existing manufacturing site.

“It’s a very dynamic market situation,” Sorensen said. “Demand keeps rising and it’s no longer certain that we can continue to meet the demand we’re facing even with the upgrade of our existing manufacturing site in Denmark.”

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