Kim Kardashian Says She Owes Ex-Husband Kris Humphries An Apology

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Kim Kardashian spoke candidly about her split from ex-husband Kris Humphries during the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reunion special. Kim and Kris tied the knot back in August 2011, only to file for divorce 72 days later.

“I was so nervous to break up with someone. I handled it totally the wrong way,” Kim admitted during the special. “I fully broke up with him in the worst way and I couldn’t — I just didn’t know how to deal. I learned so much from it.”

Following their split, Kim says she tried to reach out to her ex-husband on multiple occasions. “I tried to [apologize]," she shared. "I tried calling him for months.”

Though Kim and Kris split a decade ago, the KKW Beauty founder knows there is still bad blood between them. She once ran into Kris at the Beverly Hills Hotel while out with her daughter, North, who was just 2-years-old. Kim was also pregnant with her son Saint at the time. “I saw him and all of his friends got up from the table, we had the tables next to each other,” she recalled. “All of his friends got up and said hi to me and he literally just looked at me and like wouldn’t even speak to me.”

While Kim didn't want to pursue an annulment in the immediate aftermath of her split, she says, upon reflection, she should've honored Kris's wishes. “He’s very faith-based, and so, I’m sure he would have loved to not have marriage on his record,” Kim explained. “He wanted an annulment. The only legal way to get an annulment is if fraud is involved, so he marked fraud to get an annulment. So the whole world wondered, ‘What is this fraud?’…If I was mature, I would have wanted the annulment too. I wish I was only married once.”

Kim is now in the midst of divorcing her third husband, Kanye West, after seven years of marriage.

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