Birmingham Resources for Anyone Battling with Addiction or Abuse

I talked about my mom today and how she passed away two Thanksgivings ago of an accidental overdose. My mom's addiction and our rocky relationship was something that I struggled with for years, but now my struggle is with her death.

I was lucky enough to go to therapy and work through some of the issues with my mom before she died and get to know and love her for the person she is instead of resenting her for not being the mother that I always wanted her to be.

I didn't know how to honor her for Mother's Day, but I know that she always wanted to share her journey with other people who struggled like she did and help save a life for anyone who was dealing with homelessness, addiction and abuse. All of which affected her at one point or another in her lifetime.

The best way to honor her is to share her message of hope and let anyone who is struggling with this that your life is valuable.

Here is a list of resources for anyone struggling.

  • Women's Shelters around Birmingham. If you are dealing with domestic abuse please get out NOW! You can get through this! Click HERE for a list of shelters to keep you and your children safe.
  • And if you are dealing with a domestic abuse situation (Or know someone who is) - here is a GREAT TED Talk to listen to about it.
  • If you know anyone dealing with homelessness, HERE is a list of shelters around town.
  • If helping a homeless person is a passion of yours or if you know someone who is homeless, here is a good TED Talk as well.
  • And if you are dealing with addiction, UAB has a GREAT recovery program and are here to help.
  • And if you are a family member or a loved one of someone dealing with addiction HERE is a list of Al Anon meetings around town. Addiction doesn't just affect the person using, it affects everyone close to them, and it really helps keep you sane if you work a program as well. If you're not sure about Al Anon meetings yet, here is a great talk that is posted online that I also enjoy.

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