How to Do Your Part for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Yes I'm a little bit of a hippy, but we only get one planet, so why not take care of it?

Here's some things I've learned over the years to help out with the planet!

SHOP LOCAL - Farmers markets are the best, you're supporting your local economy, but also cutting down on fuel used to ship groceries from other part of the country when it's grown right in your back yard already. (Also, you can plant a vegetable garden literally in your back yard)

HERE is where you can find more information on Farmers Markets in the Birmingham area.

RECYCLE RECYCLE RECYCLE! I cannot say it enough! It really ads up! Just try separating your trash for a week and you'll notice a drastic difference in what you throw away vs. what you can recycle. Also, don't litter. That's just being a jerk.

HERE is more info on recycling in Birmingham.

Don't waste water! This one is something you may not think about it, but I see family members do it all the time, they will buy a plastic bottle of water, not finish it then throw the bottle away with water still in it. Those bottles take FOREVER to decompose, meanwhile we still need that water to drink, water the plants, shower, etc.... instead of throwing away that little bit of left over water, pour the left over water over a plant, in your pet's water bowl and bonus points if you get a reusable water bottle and cut back on your plastic use!

Speaking of plastic - watch this interview that Joe Rogan JUST did about plastic use and how it affects our hormones.

More things you can do is start a compost at your house. Drive instead of fly when you travel. Use less paper and remember reusable bags when you go grocery shopping.

I know it may seem overwhelming at first, but it's just creating new habits. And YES, just one person can help make a difference. It starts with YOU!

Happy Earth Day!

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