Life Update!

My life. Where do I begin. Well life is going well. I am having a pretty good time honestly. Work is going well. Things with my friends and family are great. I am scheduled to receive my vaccine because I live in a multigenerational household. I live with my Grandma and she is old af. The last thing she needs is me getting covid. She had her second vaccine shot a few weeks ago and everything went well for her. I know that some people have relatively bad reactions to the vaccine, but I think it will all go well. Fingers crossed!

Aside from that I have bachelor party for a friend coming up which will be sick. My friend who I played college golf with is getting married and pretty much all my golf friends will be raging it up, safely, in Texas. I have never been to Texas and I can not wait to visit.

I am also in the process of finishing my tattoo sleeve which I can't wait for. I have a badass wolf on my forearm and on the upper part of my arm I will have a skull with tentacles all around it. I have always thought of myself as a badass, this tattoo cements that in place.

Well this has been nice, signing off now. Bon voyage.

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