The Clean Up Song!

Yes. It is me. I am back with another blog. We are really hitting our stride at the moment and it just feels great. Today I am writing about something that happened on the show. Something nostalgic.

Alex for some strange reason was reminiscing about the killer boy band "Five" and their hit song "When the Lights Go Out". The lights in the studio were literally turned down and Alex immediately burst into song like a teenage girl. It was both confusing and entertaining. This sparked a conversation about music and songs that make us reminisce.

Let me take you back, imagine me in college. I am king of the campus. Everyone knows me or wants to know me. I am joking. I was the guy on the golf team who was usually playing Mario Kart on a Friday night, but anyway, one of my greatest memories was The Clean Up Song. After a long night of drinking, the golf house would get pretty rowdy. One of my friends Alex randomly put The Clean Up Song on. It was blasting out of our professional grade speaker system and my god did it sound good. We all immediately entered a zombie type trance and started cleaning the house. The song worked and IS a banger.