Why I Am In Radio!

Why am I in radio? Well, truthfully I am in radio because I was looking for a job and stumbled upon an opportunity that was available within iHeart. I previously worked as a salesman at iHeart so had a few connections within the company. There was a contest being held to find someone that could be a host on the morning show on KISS FM for Seattle. After going through the audition process which lasted months, I eventually got the job!

I never wanted to be in radio. When I grew up I liked radio, but it was never a huge part of my life and certainly was never a dream job for me. My favorite radio station to listen to when I was growing up was BBC Radio1. Their morning show was absolutely hilarious. I loved all the games they played and how they focused on being entertaining. The British sense of humor is slightly darker and more sarcastic in general than the American. That was something I found difficult to adjust to when I was thrust into being on air.

I have a bit of a track record when it comes to getting fired. I have been fired from 3 jobs. None of them were incredibly serious jobs which makes it slightly better, but still it is not a great stat. It is like the opposite of getting a triple double in terms of positivity. Thats also a lie, one of them was pretty serious. Somehow I got the title of Senior Account Executive within iHeart. I was not that bad at sales but I definitely didn't sell enough to keep my job. When I got my first job in radio I did not know what to expect. My family and I are very close so we spoke about this opportunity a lot. I wanted to be involved in the fitness industry somehow and still to this day would like to incorporate it into my professional life if I can.

This new show has really opened my eyes to what radio can be though. I didn't necessarily want to be in radio, but now that The Jubal Show is where Im at, I couldn't be more pleased. I know that not every show operated in the way this one does. I am so fortunate to share this platform with likeminded people that I resonate with. Having a connection to your co hosts in this job is vital. Everything you do is recorded or filmed and if something is off or doesn't quite add up, it will show. What I am trying to say is that although I didn't want to be in radio, I am so glad I am, especially with Alex and Jubal and the rest of the team.

Im now just going to act like I have won an award for blogging. Enjoy. I want to thank everyone who believed in me. Specifically my Mum, my Dad, my Sister, My girlfriend, my cat, my Grandma, they all did so much for me. I also want to thank the people who assigned these tasks to me. Producer Brad, Alex and Jubal. You guys did it. You're the real MVP's in this situation. What a crazy ride it was to achieve this. Blogs are the backbone of this show and I am honored to hold up that mantle. There was a time where blogging was looked down on. I was ridiculed for being such a prominent force in the blog world, but not anymore. My accomplishments are here to stay just like my online footprint. I am the defender of justice and the speaker of truth. To blog or not to blog, that is the question.

So why am I in radio? Well I won a competition to be on air. Then luckily, some people named Alex and Jubal liked me, sort of, and kept me around. Now I am signing off. Remember to dream big and maybe one day you too could be on the radio.

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