The Meaning Of Life!

The video, which is linked here, like under the word here. Press the word here to see the video. I am so technologically advanced that I have learned how to embed a video in the form of the word here.

The video speaks the words that I have thought and known for so long. What is the meaning of life? As a man based within the scientific community, I know that life starts at the beginning, it is the greatest place to start. Video games, books, movies, they all start at the beginning. It's the most logical place to start. Then of course, movement is key. If things stop moving they die. Particles move which form the essential components of life. I literally don't know the meaning of life, but I think that is what makes life so wonderful. The constant changes we go through and the unknowing of life is what makes being a human so amazing. Wow. Deep.

I was supposed to speak about death but completely forgot that. Maybe that was a subconscious choice because death scares me. Death should scare everyone because being alive is glorious when you really stop to think about it. I never want it to end.

Well there you have it. The meaning of life and sort of an explanation concerning what death is.

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