Reggie Warren, R.I.P.

Reggie Warren, some knew him as one of the founders of legendary R&B group "Troop", I, never knew him. It is strange to write an opinion piece when you have no opinion on the subject. Death is bad. Theres an opinion.

Reggie definitely made some dope music. As a music producer myself I really have an appreciation for R&B. I listened to some of "Troops" greatest hits and they are pretty awesome. “Spread my wings” really brings the funk. I also decided to watch the music video and wow. They are absolute fire dancers. I haven’t seen anything more 80’s/ 90’s in my life. I miss those days. I wasn't born then but I still miss those days.

Reggie passed away at the age of 52 which is tragic. 52 is so young and I am sure this was extremely difficult for him, his family and his friends to deal with.

Unfortunately I had never heard of Reggie or "Troop" prior to being assigned this opinion piece. Im not even sure if I have presented any opinions at all. By definition I might have failed the task. I am a failure though so who's surprised. Lets hope that tomorrows blog is more up beat for your sake and easier to write for my sake. Signing off.

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