Man Arrested After Police Find 400-Pound Playground Slide In WA Mobile Home

Playtime may be over for a Washington man after police said they found a massive stolen playground slide in a child's bedroom.

Pasco police officers said they got a report back in December about a missing 400-pound slide taken from a playground at Tierra Vida Park. Jump to February 26 where officials were investigating catalytic converter thefts.

"Thieves cut up your car’s exhaust system just so that they can sell your cat converter to a scrap metal dealer for the value of the heavy metals inside it," authorities described in a Facebook post. "The metals are valuable, but the cost to the victim is more."

Their investigation led them to a potential suspect and a search warrant for a property in Burbank. Detectives allegedly found the catalytic converters and another surprising discovery in a mobile home: the large missing slide.

"Turns out, most of the original playground set got left behind back in December, but the slide was taken, the top sawed off, it was repainted, and it was mounted on a bunkbed," police wrote, adding that Pasco Parks and Recreation recovered the slide.

Officers arrested 30-year-old Dustin Allen Bushnell of Burbank on investigative hold for possession of stolen property for the slide. Officers said no charges have been filed for the converters.

Photos: Pasco Police

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