11 Miley Cyrus Quotes To Make You Feel Unstoppable

Miley Cyrus is one of the most outspoken pop stars of her generation and we love her for that. Monday (November 23) marks her 28th birthday and iHeartRadio decided to celebrate the former Disney star by rounding up some of her most straight-up badass quotes about – and --. If there’s one thing we love about our stars, it’s their ability to be themselves – for better or for worse.

Scroll on below to read through some of Cyrus’ most blunt quotes!

1. "I don’t want, in my life ever, some prince dude to come save me. I don’t need to be saved. I’m my own person. I’m strong." - OUT Magazine, 2015

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2. "Going though a massive breakup, one thing I gained through all the loss is an idea that what I do is for me." Call Her Daddy, 2020

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3. “My record is called She Is Miley Cyrus. ‘She’ does not represent a gender. She is not just a woman. ‘She’ doesn’t refer to a vagina. She is a force of nature. She is power. She can be anything you want to be, therefore, she is everything. She is the super she. She is the she-ro. She is the She-E-O.” Elle Magazine, 2019

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4. "Wherever I am, my f***ing voice is gonna be heard, and I’ll make sure of it.” - NME, 2017

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6. "I don’t want to be perfect, but I do want to be a role model. My mom always tells me that imperfections equal beauty. All of us are imperfect." - Entertainment Tonight, 2008

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7. It can be scary when you’re not the one in the driver seat—inevitably sometimes we lose control. The key for me staying healthy and happy is by being the pilot and not a backseat driver. Thinking for myself." - Vanity Fair, 2019

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9. "It’s my mouth, I can say what I want to." - "We Can't Stop", 2013


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11. On relationships: “That’s a big part of my life is filling people up and that can make me go below zero, below E. So, it’s really important that I feel fulfilled, and yeah, they have to bring something to the table.” - Call Her Daddy podcast, 2020

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