The INN Reports on: Area 51, A family Hit-and-Run, and dangerous selfies!

Alex Fresh reports on a man who claims to be a UFO-oligist claims to have found a 52-Foot figure outside of Area 51! You can check it out yourself, by entering these coordinates into Google Earth: 37°13'26.26"N 115°49'2.37”W. Link to the full story here.

English Evan reports on a London woman who was texting and driving and ended up hitting an elderly man... after fleeing the scene it was later found out she had hit her Father-In-Law! Read more here.

Jubal Fresh reports on a woman who fell out of a car while trying to take a selfie for social media. Full Story here.

Link to the listen to the INN Podcast here.

Alien spotted on area 51!?

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