The Jubal Show: Entry 1!

We have been grinding away for a few weeks now and the show is sounding so good! There are obviously some things that needed to be changed in order to fit with our personalities as well as the general aesthetic of the show such as the studio, logos and all that good stuff. So far I have loved every minute of working with the team.

One thing that makes my experience in radio a little different is the amount of time I have spent on air and the shows I have been with. I consider myself quite a sarcastic individual and I have a good sense of what is funny. When I found out I was going to work with Jubal and Alex I was so happy because I already knew how funny and down to Earth they were. It is strange for someone with as little experience as I have to be on such a power house of a morning show like this one. People often work tirelessly to be in the position I am in. I feel like I kind of just fell into the job haha but I am so happy I did.

I am going to use this entry series as a kind of inside look into what is happening behind the scenes with the show and what I am getting up to specifically. Signing off!

Check out my Instagram @evanontheradio for general updates and shenanigans.

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