Move over Joe Exotic... Meet Tommy Wiseau and Why You Will Love Him

So I was going through Netflix this week, just like the rest of all of us in quarantine and came across this movie in the trending section called 'The Disaster Artist.' Little did I know I have been MISSING OUT on a cultural phenomenon!

The Disaster Artist is a movie that's been out for a few years now that is a masterpiece starring James Franco and his brother Dave Franco about a real life duo who created a cult classic film called The Room.

So little ol' me, never hearing about any of this click on The Disaster Artist, not knowing the greatness I was about to discover of Tommy Wiseau!

So basically, Tommy and his friend Greg are aspiring actors and when they could not get a roll in any movies Tommy decided to write, direct and star in his own movie with his best friend Greg. This movie, called The Room, became known as the greatest worst movie ever.

It still sells out in theaters when they do a showing. Tommy is a sort of legend in this cult following. And it's purely known for the extremely bad acting and terrible story line.

Here's the trailer for The Room to give you a sense of how bad it actually is.

And James Franco actually won a Golden Globe for his roll as Tommy Wiseau and brought Tommy onstage with him! (I must have been under a rock when this happened)

But the best part is hearing the story about Tommy Wiseau, because no one really knows who he actually is! The biggest mystery is his age and where he is from... but he also has a bottomless bank account and no one knows where his money comes from!

And you hear Seth Rogan tell stories of Tommy and you get even more intrigued!

James Franco even brought Tommy on Jimmy Kimmel with him, and it was PURE GOLD.

Tommy even has HIS OWN YOUTUBE CHANNEL where he talks about love and more!

Anyway... if you were planning on being Joe Exotic for Halloween this year... I may have found a new costume for you and your new favorite person in the world!

Photo: Getty Images

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