Beat The Brit: Women In Radio Edition!

Beat The Brit is now sweeping the iHeartRadio family and this week I went head to head with some amazing women who work at our sister stations across America. One thing is still consistent and that is my ability to know nothing about everything. I am getting asked all the time if I actually try. Believe me, I try. Honestly, my head is just filled with the most pointless facts so anything that you might consider to be general knowledge is probably not a part of my general knowledge...

I absolutely love this game because even in a time where we are all quarantined and things aren't the best, these women put on a brave face and are a positive example of what it means to love everything about life and roll with the punches. I struggled to roll with their trivial punches but enjoyed every minute of it and can't wait for the next chapter in the Beat The Brit saga.

Click here to see me play Anne Hudson from The Billy the Kidd Show!

Click here to see me play Danielle Monaro from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show!

Click here to see me play Any from The Bobby Bones Show!

Click here to see me play Sisanie from On Air with Ryan Seacrest!

Click here to see me play Shannon from Mojo in the Morning!

Click here to see me play Angela Yee from The Breakfast Club!

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