Beat The Brit: Family Edition!

Usually Beat The Brit features me, (English Evan) taking on a lucky listener or someone from the show in a head to head trivia death match. This week was very different as I took on my own family as well as family members of the show. Unfortunately I have developed a bit of a reputation for not doing so well in these trivia competitions. Maybe it is time to study some general knowledge type information? Then again, why do that when I can fill my mind with invaluable knowledge such as the origin story of each individual Power Ranger? Easy decision in my mind.

This week was a breath of fresh air for me because my family always calls me and says "how can you lose every time? or "why are you so stupid?" Both questions I am yet to create an answer for. This was my chance to finally prove them wrong and step up my trivia game, to possibly take down these haters. I won't spoil what happened for you, but lets just say that for someone it went very well, wink wink.

Click here to see me play the infamous Wally Man, aka, Pablo, aka, Dad.

Click here to see me take on the one they call, Dennis. I also know her as Mum.

Click here to see me get a little nervous playing Alabama's Brother from prison!

Click here to see me take on the most silky voice in these United States of America, Anthony's Father.

Finally, click here to see me take on the Elvis loving trivia beast, Momma Marie.

I absolutely loved doing this and it made this quarantine definitely feel a little less lonely.

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