Restaurant Of The Day: Watson's Counter!

Today I had the pleasure of speaking to James who is the head chef and owner of Watson's Counter in Seattle.

I specifically love these guys because for my birthday James came into the studio and had some frosted flake french toast ready for me to devour. It was soooo good and just so happens to be my favorite breakfast item so a big thumbs up from me haha. I also got to put the whipped creme machine directly in my mouth which is always a bonus, but enough about me. The food you'll find on the Covid-19 menu (their new menu formed because of the virus) at Watson's Counter is littered with feel good items. James said that his cuisine choices have been influenced by his Korean/ American culture as well as trying to incorporate food that he and his friends love! Three items that you have to try are the Chicken Wings, French Toast and the Loco Moco.

Everyones lives have changed because of the Corona virus outbreak and unfortunately Watson's Counter has had to make adjustments as well. They don't have the full menu anymore but all of their fan favorites are on the Covid-19 menu. People can't go into the restaurant to dine but you can pick your food up from Watson's Counter while practicing safe social distancing. If you want they will bring your food out to your car but you won't be allowed in the doors just to eliminate any risk of spreading the virus! James is very serious when it comes to the safety of his employees and the public so don't worry, your food experience will be a clean one.

Go check them out on Instagram @watsonscounter to see all the food available and keep up to date with any restaurant news. You can order online here at and I highly recommend that you do so! Remember, lets keep supporting local establishments especially in times like these!

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