Quarantine Cooking with Alabama: Vanilla Pear French Toast Casserole

If you're like me and you've been in quarantine for over a month and have hopped on the baking train I have a great recipe for you! I've started quarantine cooking with my dog, Stevie and we have been having a BLAST! Well... Me mostly, Stevie likes the leftovers IF whatever I make is dog friendly!

But this Vanilla Pear French Toast Casserole is delicious and a great way to incorporate fruit into your favorite breakfast recipe! And it's made with ingredients you more than likely already have in your pantry! Bread, brown sugar, fruit, eggs, milk and vanilla!

Read the full recipe HERE. (side note- the original recipe says to put the casserole in the fridge overnight before baking it, I baked it immediately after putting all the ingredients together and it was DELICIOUS!)

Feel free to share more recipes we can try!

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