Porter Robinson - Get Your Wish

For all the Electronic Dance Music fans, this should definitely not be glazed over. I have waited for such a long time to hear anything music wise from Porter Robinson and now he's back!

Porter's last studio album was Worlds. The theme was obviously escaping from reality and finding refuge in a world outside of our own. Porter refined his sound and showcased his preferred style of production in this album with tracks like "Sad Machine" and "Flicker". As a producer myself it is interesting to listen to consistent themes he puts into his music especially in this album. The chords are all very emotional and the melodies tend to compliment that, however there are some harder tracks that are more base heavy.

The greatest news of all time hit my timeline when i saw that Porter had announced the release of a new album, "nurture". The first song has been released, "Get Your Wish" and it definitely sets up what is sure to be a stunning collection of art. As soon as I listened I was so happy to hear the classic Porter sound. We all know that he is a huge fan of anime and the asian culture and it shows in get Your Wish. The track has a Korean Jazz type rhythm and the vocals are pitched way up. He is singing in the music video which makes me think it must be his voice in the track.

Go listen to the track here please. it is absolutely stunning in every way and I can not wait to hear what you think!


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