Halsey Was Legit Scared Into Confirming Her Relationship With Evan Peters

Well, this is one way to get Halsey to talk.

Ellen DeGeneres is known for scaring guests who appear on her show and Halsey was no exception. During Halsey's recent appearance on Wednesday (October 30), the “Graveyard” singer chatted to the talk show host about her BTS collab, Saturday Night Live, and her Halloween plans.

“I take Halloween really seriously,” she laughed. The 25-year-old then went into explaining her annual Halloween party that she throws to benefit an LA-based charity near and dear to her heart.

While Ellen was interested to hear about her festivities, she had an ulterior motive for bringing up the spooky holiday. 

As many know, Halsey has been recently seen with actor Evan Peters after her split from rocker YUNGBLUD

While the pair haven't confirmed their relationship status, fans have been pretty certain they are Hollywood's newest “it” couple. The pair was recently spotted enjoying a day at Six Flags and then made their red carpet debut just a few days ago as Sonny & Cher.

“You were also Cher,” Ellen said after they discussed Halsey's Marilyn Manson costume. “And who's Sonny?”

“It's Evan Peters,” Halsey replied shyly. 

Moments later, one of Ellen's assistants jumped out from inside the table between their chairs and scared Halsey half to death. “You distracted me with the boyfriend question!” she laughed after it happened. “I Don't know what's scarier, having to talk about my boyfriend on TV or having that happen.”

So there you have it, folks. Halsey and Evan are official!

Halsey is performing at this year's iHeartRadio Jingle Ball in New York City, alongside a star-studded lineup. Fans will be able to watch the show on December 13th via an exclusive livestream on The CW App and CWTV.com. The CW Network will also broadcast the event as a nationwide special on Thursday, December 19th at 8pm ET. Fans will also be able to listen to December 13th's festivities across the country on 100 iHeartRadio CHR stations.

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