Movie Review Alert: POKEMON Detective Pikachu

Last night I saw POKEMON Detective Pikachu. I have been the biggest fan of POKEMON for as long as I can remember so when I heard abut this movie I was IMMEDIATELY excited!

The opening scene jumps straight into the action and compelling story line. Mewtwo, arguably the most powerful POKEMON in the pocket monster universe breaks free from a prison like laboratory. He then chases after a car that is leaving the facility and destroys it using his telekinetic powers. One thing that struck me was how amazing the CGI looked as well as how game accurate Mewtwo's appearance was.

The movie follows Tim Goodman (pretty much Ash Ketchum) as he try's to figure out what happened to his Father. Tim and Detective Pikachu cross paths when their respective investigations lead them to Tim's fathers old apartment, it is here that we find out Pikachu was Tim's Dad's POKEMON. Detective Pikachu, (Ryan Reynolds) is unsure of his past thanks to Mewtwo and is now trying to figure out what happened to him and Tim's Dad alongside his new "trainer" Tim.

I will be honest, I spent the entire movie trying to name all the POKEMON and absolutely loved every minute of the film! I highly recommend going to see this movie and cant wait to hear what you guys think.


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