Evan's Week with Carla Marie and Anthony

Hello my friends, this is Evan.

This week was incredible for me and only got better with time. It is a huge accomplishment to say that I have been on the radio and is a very surreal feeling. I feel very lucky for the opportunity.

This picture shows me after a wild night out on the town in downtown Seattle. I love that I thought this might look cool! WHAT A DORK!

Day 1

When Monday morning rolled around, I had no idea what to expect or how to behave. I was pleasantly surprised by how amazing the atmosphere was in the studio. I was very excited/ nervous to get the process underway and honestly had no idea what to expect! I could not believe that I was going to be on the radio. For as long as I can remember I have been listening to morning shows, now I am that guy. For four days at least haha. 

After the morning show, we recorded an episode of the Last Call Podcast. I was able to let my barriers down and dive into why my cats ARE my cats. You should  listen if you love animals and have a soul.

That day when I got home I went to bed for the day. Getting up at 3:30 am made my everything hurt.

Day 2

When day 2 rolled around Anthony and I had a score to settle. We were still pretty heated about the whole pets dilemma. Once we finished with that “debate”, I had to do 3 Things you Need to Know and created an eruption with my “Cows get lonely when separated from their best friends” fact. This was a huge improvement upon the first day and I had a great time. Listen to the full show here.

We recorded the Last Call Podcast and spoke about if it's acceptable to pee in the shower.

When I went home I watched all three of the Mummy movies because they are on Netflix right now. What a time to be a live. Then I went to dinner with Carla Marie and Anthony to Ivar's!

Day 3

On day 3 I drank orange juice that Carla Marie squeezed with her feet. Although my stomach felt like a volcano after, it was pretty funny. I chugged it because ...GO COUGS. I felt like a had a really good rhythm and fell into the conversations a lot easier. Also, a dream of mine came true. My music was played on the radio to hundreds of thousands of people. You, to be specific. That is the definition of cool. 

In the Last Call Podcast we spoke about what I should do for my last day. Me and Gordon worked to surprise Carla Marie and Anthony with a new segment designed exclusively for me. If you know, you know. 

Day 4

When day 4 rolled around I was feeling very emotional after speaking to my parents and girlfriend about the radio experience and life in general! When I got into the studio I had a number of activities to go through and had so much fun with each of them. I was so happy with how the day went and it felt incredible to get my emotions off my chest during the Shallow Bowl of Deep Questions. The amount of love I received was awesome and just goes to show that you are never truly alone no matter what it feels like. Also, in 5 Seconds of Heaven with Evan I hope I made people have a good time, obviously not too good of a time haha. 

After the show we recorded the Last Call Podcast. We got the serious stuff out the way at first and finished with something a little more fun! Saying goodbye to the crew was sad, but hopefully I’ll see them soon. Off to Pullman! 

Listen to my last show...

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