My Week With Carla Marie and Anthony

Hey guys, it's me Erica

That's me doing basic Seattle things like visiting the gum wall.

If you've been listening to the show this week, then you know that I just spent three days with Carla Marie and Anthony, auditioning to become their official new co-host, and unofficial little sister!

This week was EVERYTHING for me. If you have read my bio on the Casting Call page, then you know I have been wanting to be on air for a long time, but having never really had a chance to test my skills, I had no idea how this week was going to go.

Thanks to Carla Marie and Anthony, as well as Gordon and the rest of the team at KISS FM Seattle, I felt so at home and surrounded by professionals who weren't going to sit there and let me fail.

Day 1:

I came in Monday morning with absolutely no idea what to expect. I mean, I was the first up! No other finalist has auditioned yet, and I just hoped I didn't curse on mic in my first 10 minutes on air (success! I didn't!). Monday was all about getting to know each other and letting listeners figure out who the heck I was, suddenly this additional voice chatting up their morning drives.

We also recorded an incredibly interesting episode of the Last Call Podcast that I hope my parents never, ever listen to. 

Monday night when we wrapped I went back to my hotel room and relaxed for basically the entire night - obviously live tweeting The Bachelor and wondering what was going on with that "live" premiere?!

Day 2:

On Tuesday, I had some homework to turn in. Coming up with topics of my own AND delivering the "3 things you need to know" segment. My three things were: The Bachelor premiere's flop, the woman from the US Open who dunked her chicken in her soda releasing a MUSIC VIDEO (why, world, why??) and John Travolta looking kind of hot with a bald head. I'm going to be honest, walking into the studio Tuesday morning, I already felt very at home. 

On Tuesday, we did a special episode of the Last Call Podcast with Molly about that Bachelor premiere, because, you know, she was on the show 10 years ago. That was SO cool for me as a fan of the show, because I got to ask her my burning questions like HOW does the lead remember all the names during the rose ceremonies?!

Tuesday night, Carla Marie, Anthony and I had dinner together and it started to hit me that I don't work with them yet... and I only had one more audition day!

Day 3:

I woke up SAD Wednesday, knowing it was my last day (for now??!) with Carla Marie, Anthony and Gordon. But we probably had the most fun on our third day. I mean, by day three I really felt in rhythm with the team and got to talk about my love for babies! What more could I want?! We also got deep with each other thanks to their new game - Shallow Bowl of Deep Questions - and my mom actually texted me that our conversation almost made her cry on the treadmill. Don't do that mom, you might hurt yourself. I also was a part of Wednesday's brand new Dirty Little Secret which was SO fun and so wild. 

After the show we recorded our final episode of the Last Call Podcast (again, for now??!) where I almost gave a beautiful and emotional speech about how much this week meant to me and then I royally screwed it up. Classic Erica!

So now it's over. And I get to wait 6 weeks while the rest of the finalists audition!

To everyone who listened this week, texted in, called us, and made me feel welcome: thanks for tuning in! I hope I made your morning drives just a little bit brighter or funnier. Some of you were so sweet I wanted to cry. You certainly know how to make a girl feel welcomed here and I feel like you're all my friends now??? Hopefully we get to actually meet some day! I kind of fell in love with Seattle. I will miss it!

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