Tips for Winning Carla Marie and Anthony's #YouLookGreatChallenge

We kicked off our second You Look Great Challenge this week! Last time around we challenged everyone to do 106 reps of a different workout everyday for a month. This time we are using the DietBet app and money is on the line. It's $10 to join the group. If you lose 4% of your body weight over four weeks you will win a part of the giant pot. The pot is currently over $3,000! At the very least, we if all hit our goal, we get our money back and we lost weight! You can join at any moment but the more days that go by the less time you have to hit you goal! We thought w'd help you out by giving you some of our favorite tips for getting yourself set up for success!

1. Water. Water. Water. 

Seriously. The both of us can agree that when we aren't drinking enough water everything is a mess. It helps with energy, better skin, curbs your appetite (sometimes you aren't hungry, you're actually just thirsty), overall digestion, and so many more wonderful things! To figure out the amount of water YOU should be drinking taking your weight in pounds, divide in half, THAT number in ounces is what you should be drinking daily. For example if you weight 100lbs you should drink 50 ounces of water daily. If you weight 150lbs you should be drinking 125 ounces of water per day. There are so many apps that help you track your daily water progression, Anthony's favorite is Hydro Coach for Android. A great app for Apple users is Daily Water. Remember, if your pee isn't clear you need more water!

2. Sleep.

We're fully aware at how hard it is to get some sleep. We wake up at the butt crack of dawn. BUT if you get in some extra sleep you'll be more motivated to wake up early and workout or have more energy to workout after work. Pro tip: PUT YOUR DAMN PHONE DOWN AND GO TO BED.

3. Meal Prep.

WAH. Yes, we are not only making you cook, but cook AHEAD of time! Here's why. When you meal prep on ONE day of the week you set yourself up for success on EVERY day of the week. You are less likely to order takeout, reach for something unhealthy, or be so hungry that you binge. We're speaking from experience here. 


Cut out any sugary drinks. That means no soda. If you're normally a soda drinker and you cut out soda for one month you will see a huge difference in everything. Energy, skin, and you will definitely lose weight! If you can cut out sugar COMPLETELY you are SET. It's hard and you will probably get a withdrawal headache BUT you will survive!

5. Cut Out Dairy

Okay, we know that's the scariest thing you've ever read but hear us out. Anthony probably won't do this one but Carla Marie will. Carla Marie cut out dairy for a while last year and saw a significant change in her skin, body aches, and didn't feel bloated for the first time in her life.

6. Listen to Anthony's Workout Wednesday podcast!

In this episode Anthony talks about "easy wins" and the small things you can do to get big results! 

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