Carla Marie & Anthony's Pet of the Week from Motley Zoo

Jamie Sullivan and Landon Carter came to Motley Zoo from California, after they survived a car fire. But they weren't the only ones  And then three little kittens were born the Motley Zoo's FIRST family. We learned that male cats make excellent dads and care for the kittens, sometimes more than their mothers. We also learned that at times of stress, mother cats can sometimes stop their labor and, due to moving Landon away from fear of him harming the newborns, Jamie stopped her labor for a day until she was reunited with Landon. Because of that Stupid Cupid is actually a day younger than his sisters.

Because they have wonderfully social parents, these kittens love people and make friends with everyone, great with dogs, cats, and kids. Stupid Cupid and Candy are a bonded pair and will not be adopted separately. It would be great if someone could take all three, though!

Yes, the parents were named after A Walk to Remember but when the kitties came as a surprise they were named after Mandy Moore songs!

Adopt: Stupid Cupid

Adopt: Candy

Adopt: Only Hope

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