Flight Stolen From SeaTac Crashes

**If you or anyone you know has suicidal thoughts PLEASE talk to someone now: Call 1-800-273-8255 This article is being updated as more information comes in from local authorities.**

The plane was 110 feet long. The 29-year-old male who stole the plane is believed to be the only casualty. Reports are that he was an airplane mechanic.

Pierce County Sheriff is stating that the Air Force helped keep the plane out of harms way.

Here is a thread that has clips of the conversation between the male who stole the plane and air traffic control. It may be disturbing to some. 

Pierce County Sheriff has confirmed that the 29 year old male acted alone. It is NOT a terrorist act. It's been confirmed that two F-15s chased the plane but were not involved in the crash.

The plane crash has caused a massive fire on Ketron Island. There is no fire department on the island. It seems to be in the middle of the island. The only way to access the island is via boat.

SeaTac has confirmed it was an airline employee who stole the plane which had no passengers.

it has been confirmed that the plane has crashed on Ketron Island, no word if it is on it's own or was shot down. Forty-five coast guard boats have been deployed to Ketron Island.


There are reports coming from SeaTac airport that a man has stolen a Horizon Q airplane. It seems that all planes are currently grounded. The man has stated to air traffic control over radio that he does not know how to land the plane. He also seems to be making jokes with air traffic control.

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