Here are the Flight Number Guesses to Watch 5 Seconds of Summer in NYC

5 Seconds of Summer is performing on The Today Show in New York City on June 22 and you could be there to watch it all go down! Be caller #10 and guess the triple digit flight number of the flight you'll take there and you win! The contest is on until someone guesses! 6:50p, 7:50p, 8:50p, 9:50p with Carla Marie & Anthony! These are the flight numbers guessed so far:

348 (too low)

537 (too low)

223 (too low)

263 (too low)

110 (too low)

331 (too low)

622 (too high)

178 (too low)

371 (too low)

419 (too low)

464 (too low)

588 (too low)

505 (too low)

790 (too high)

780 (too high)

615 (too high)

610 (too high)

596 (too high)

516 (too low)

488 (too low)

For more contest info head here.

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