How to properly pair wine with Halloween candy.

Vivino is a wine review website that knows the only thing better than wine, is pairing it with Halloween candy.  

This is the only chart you'll need when deciding which wine goes best with which Halloween candy.

They even break it down with more detailed explanations, like:

Kit Kat and Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is one of those wines you will never have trouble finding on the shelf. Although the variations of Pinot Noir can be dramatic, they always tend to carry a tense and nuanced red fruit quality. This makes the milk chocolate and wafer combo feel like a chocolate dipped raspberry pulled straight out of the fridge. I’d suggest terroir driven Pinot Noirs like those from Sonoma Coast or Burgundy that will bring out earthiness and tannin for a more complex pairing. Tannin is mellowed by the chocolate, and the earthy qualities can create a mushroom-flavored effect.

Try It!: Freeman Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir


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