Time Spent on Phone Causing your Dog's Depression

Would you give up your phone for your dog? I'd give it up for my cats. I mean, I'll give it up if you come down to our studio right now and tell me I can't go on Instagram anymore, tbh. 

A vet out of the UK has made statements that actually sort of make sense about how your time spent on your phone may causing your dog to become depressed. 

According to Iain Booth, who talked to the Metro, "A dog is a social creature, a pack animal and to the dog you are the bona fide leader of the pack. You administer every facet of its life, you collect, you feed, you show it where it’s allowed to go and you, hopefully, nurture its development.”

So maybe it's time to put down the phone and cuddle your dog instead of taking a thousand pictures of them sleeping. 

You can read the entire article HERE!

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