PNW Woman Claims Telepathy Got Lion out of her House (Pics)

I am a huge fan of cats, but this would freak me the HELL out! A woman in Oregon happened upon a mountain lion in her living room. 

At first she was terrified, but after talking to the mountain lion telepathically, she claims the mountain lion dozed off and took a nap for six hours behind her couch! 

Initially when the mountain lion dozed off, she went outside to look at him through the window. The lion woke up when she accidentally made a noise and she claims in her FB post below that she blinked lovingly at the lion and it went back to sleep. 

Six hours later, she said she telepathically showed the lion how to exit the house while beating on drums to channel it's ancestors. In the video below you can see the lion leaving the house as she continues to pound on drums. 

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