Netflix & Grill: Top Shows to Binge on the Fourth

Oh you have the day off on a holiday for once and don't want to do anything other than eat and watch television? You take care of the grilling and I'll take care of what you need to watch! 

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER: I recently became obsessed with this show of the crazy plot twists in the end. It's one of those shows that shows you bits and pieces of the consequences and the build up of the show is trying to explain how all the bad things in the season happened. Plus, one of my fav characters from Orange is the New Black is in it. You can go wrong there! 

HANDMAID'S TALE: I am obsessed with this show. It's about the aftermath of war in the US and a new society where women are controlled by men and used as child birthers vs having any real rights. Watch the trailer below! It's not on Netflix, but on HULU! 

QUEER EYE: OMG, can you believe?! There already to seasons of the show on Netflix and I'm obsessed. You will laugh and you will cry. This show is incredible. The fab 5 goes around rural Georgia making over people's lives! From there look to their houses, the show really illustrates how love can lead to acceptance! Watch the trailer below! 

SKIN WARS: this show is pretty cool! It is a competition based show that has body paint artists do their best at transforming their models into different things. In one episode, a girl transformed 5 models into a giant crab all through body paint! 

BROADCHURCH: this is my wild card show for you. It's one of my fav streaming on Netflix right now and worth watching if you're into mystery/dramas. I would suggest putting sub-titles on because the dialogue can get a little "cheeky" to say the least. 

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