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Biggest Bachelorette Reunion EVER!

Photos are swirling from the biggest Bachelorette reunion in TV history...but why the heck are we in some of the photos?

Sure, Jason got his start on Deanna's season, but this was all about the ladies!

Well...after a regular text exchange with Deanna (which had nothing to do with this reunion) and a phone call with Trista, we quickly realized that we were going to be right down the street from the Bachelor mansion on the exact same day they were filming!

Side note: we were in Malibu for a photo shoot for a new ad campaign coming out soon - we can't wait to share!

I have met so many of these beautiful ladies before - I would consider some of these gals my good friends, but I have to tell you...walking into that house and seeing ALLLLLL of these ladies in one room - I literally got goose bumps. It was such a cool moment to see!

Jason took the opportunity to have a sweet moment with Riley in the exact same spot we met each other over 10 years ago!

People always ask who I am friends with from the show. I communicate with Trista, Ali, Deanna and Jillian the most. Trista and I actually have a very good relationship - we bonded very early on, being the first in the franchise with kiddos. We actually even took our families to Disneyland together a few years ago!

Anytime we're in LA, we try to go out of our way to see Ali. We've known her since she was the Bachelorette - attended many events together since then - and we just love watching her sweet family grow. Her husband, Kevin, works in radio too, so I am lucky to cross paths with him a few times a year! ...and she obviously loves us so much she named her kiddos after Riley & me... (Just kidding)

It may seem weird to outsiders, but Deanna and Jillian are two of our favorite people ever...and they just so happen to be "ex-girlfriends" of Jason! Deanna has SUCH a huge heart! She is one of those people that ALWAYS goes out of her way to say something nice, check in and ask about the family. Jillian is just an adorable ball of spunk that will be in our lives for forever. We even had her design and decorate Riley's nursery!

Jason and I became good friends with Chris & Des, since they lived in Seattle! Jason and Chris did a lot of work together too, but they have since moved, so it took me flying to LA to see Desiree! Can we also talk about how Emily Maynard has not aged a day! She has a trillion kids too. Emily...I need your secrets!

I am friends with many of the ladies, have simply just met others, but as crazy as it is to believe...I have NEVER met Andi Dorfman until that night! I am a HUGE fan of hers! I love everything she stands for, her confidence and her beauty, so I was REAL excited to finally be able to give her a hug!

Again, it was truly the most magical scene to walk into and expereince. All of these powerful, beautiful and strong women in one room...and all becuase of the TV show that changed our lives forever. I hope, one day, they will be able to replicate this for all former Bachelors, but I have a feeling that's just not in the cards. Some guys embrace that they were on this crazy show, and others want nothing to do with it. Oh well!

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