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Recap: Our Trip to Palm Springs!

We just got back from the most relaxing, family vacation to Palm Dessert!

No - we were not there for Coachella. I can't tell you how many people have asked me that! Honestly, I'm WAY too boring and old to do that music festival, but I will tell was REAL fun to "people watch" at our hotel and see what all of the festival-goers were wearing!

We stayed at the most amazing resort - Marriott Shadow Ridge. If you're looking for a family friendly resort in the sunshine...this is it! They had a TON of things for the kids to enjoy: waterslide, activity center, movie theatre, basketball courts, movies in the pool every night, etc!

Jason and Ty enrolled in the 3-day golf academy at Shadow Ridge. The golf school is from 8:00 to noon, followed by lunch, then a round of we pretty much didn't see them during the trip, but it gave Riley and me some quality time together!

We would start every morning the same: sleep in, breakfast/coffee, then pool! Riley brought her American Girl doll, Sophie, and she pretty much tagged along everywhere we went!

The pool had an awesome splash pad for kids to run around in! Fountains, water shooters, etc!

Riley literally swam for 6 hours straight every day! I would have to force her to get out and eat lunch, which...btw...if you order lunch at the pool, get the mini corndogs. They are AH-mazing! haha

If there was any hope of Riley making it out for dinner, I forced her to stop swimming around 3:00 and we'd head back to the room for a snack and some relaxation! Above is a glimpse of her and Sophie doing just their matching PJ's...and below is my way of relaxing for a bit on our patio ;)

As I mentioned earlier, the activity center has a TON of stuff for the kiddos! A movie theater - with movies playing every hour, an arcade, board games - for when it gets too hot out, etc. Every morning, they host "flavor your own donut" so kids could choose their flavor icing and then put an assortment of toppings on them! Riley LOVED doing this!

They also have tons of crafts for the kids to choose from. Riley chose to paint her own piggy bank!

To break-up the routine of waking up, pool, waking up, pool....I took Riley to the Living Desert Zoo one morning. It was one of the most aesthetically pleasing zoos I've ever been too - just beautiful! It's also the perfect size...we spent about 1.5 hours there and saw everything, which was perfect!

Though it may not seem like it so far...the boys did join us every afternoon! We traveled with 2 other families, so the teenage boys did their teenage "thing" (aka - played basketball), while Jason would join us at the pool!

We would also go out for dinner as a group every night! A few of our favorite restaurants: Grill-A-Burger, Fresh Agave, and for the final night, we did hibachi at ShoGun!

It was the perfect vacation for our family. Quick flight from Seattle, massive resort, and loads of sunshine...what more could you ask for!

***For those wondering....I'm aware there are ZERO photos of me in this post. I legit didn't get a single one of myself! haha We have another big trip to Mexico coming up, so here's to hoping I make it into at least one!

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