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Birthday Party Game Idea: Present Prize or Dare!

We hosted my step-son, Ty's, 14th birthday party over the weekend.  He had 6 friends spend the night, and as teenagers, you expect them to just hibernate and play video games all night.  However, Ty came up with the BEST idea for a game, and I had a lot of people ask me about it after I posted on Instagram.  So...thought I'd share the concept for all to use!

The game is called Present Prize or Dare.  I wrapped 21 gifts, in all different sizes boxes - which made for 3 rounds of the game.   You could do as many as you want, but this allowed each boy to have 3 turns!

Each box was filled with one of the following....

A gift card!


Nothing! (I put candy is a few of the "nothing" boxes because I felt bad - haha)

A Dare!  

These proved to be the best packages to open - the boys had a BLAST!

Here are the dares we included:

- Eat a piece of dog food

- Smell the feet of everyone in the room

- Spend the next 15 minutes sitting on your neighbors lap

- Let the person next to you text anyone from your phone

- Paint your nails and post a photo of it to Snapchat

 - Apply Vaseline to your face and keep it on for 15 minutes straight

- SING every word, rather than speaking, for the next 20 minutes

You could cater this game to any crowd.  For example, the 21+ crowd could use mini shots for the "prize" and do a dare such as "Change your relationship status on Facebook for the remainder of the game"!

This was SUCH a fun and simple game idea!  Shout out to Ty for the inspiration!

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