Wind. Wind, and more wind. Apparently around the US there are crazy weather conditions. Well I experienced it first hand.

Yesterday, it was windy. Very windy some might say. I was taking my usual 3pm nap when all of the sudden a massive crack, bang, wallop woke me from my slumber. I got up from my bed and looked out the window. A massive tree had flown from someones else's garden, into out garden. I have never actually heard a tree fall before, it was terrifying. Was it a hurricane? I dont think so. Was it scary? Yes.

Now I have to go over to the neighbors house and ask them to deal with the tree because technically it is theirs. I will not enjoy that conversation at all and hopefully, they will comply.

As always you can follow me @evaontheradio on Instagram for the most fire content known to man and I will post the tree on my story. .

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