Costume Contest!

I have worn some pretty good costumes in the past. Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love the horror movies on TV. I love the sweets that come with it. I love Halloween.

I was thinking of what my costume should be this year and obviously had to eliminate some things because of what I have worn in the past. I can't be Pennywise the clown, done that. I can't be Will Ferrell's Elf, done that. I can't be one of the Three Blind Mice, done that. That actually leaves quite a lot open though.

Getting a pink jump suit and being one of the guards from Squid Game has crossed my mind. I also have thought about going generic and being Freddy Krueger. I am pretty sure I actually own the sweater so all I need is a glove with some knives, but we will see.

What will you be wearing for Halloween this year? Let me know @evanontheradio on Instagram!

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