Naruto Marathon!

I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to certain things. I buy Yu-Gi-Oh cards every now and then. I play Call of Duty with my adult friends. I wear anime t-shirts because I am cool like that. Did I mention I am 27 years old.

I have always liked Naruto and actually watched it when I was growing up but recently I saw that it was added to Netflix. Now seems like the perfect time to reignite my love with the show and watch every episode starting from the very beginning. I am actually way more excited then I should be. I should get excited about completing car payments or something, but here we are.

My favorite character has always been Naruto because I like his look and also I love the Nine Tails. The Nine Tails is a demon fox that was imprisoned inside of Naruto in order to save the world from complete destruction. I am actually pretty certain that my next tattoo will be Nine Tails themed so you could say, I like him. If you have any recommendations for other anime series or actually anything, you can reach me @evanontheradio on Instagram.

Let the marathon begin!

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