Venom 2! Trailer Alert!

The Venom 2 trailer just launched and now I am really looking forward to this movie! The first Venom in my opinion was awesome but I have been a huge fan of the Venom story for a long time so am not the best judge. Venom is an anti-hero who originated from the Marvel universe. He is the sometimes friend but most of the time, enemy of Spider-Man.

The second movie will center completely around Carnage! Carnage is complete villain and is a total bad ass. Cletus Kasady is the symbiotic partner of Carnage and is played by Woody Harrelson. Cletus is a convicted murderer and Carnage, as him name suggests is all about doom and destruction so they are the perfect pair. Tom Hardy plays Eddie Brock and thanks to his "parasite" friend becomes Venom. After the first movie, Venom and Eddie have been living a relatively normal life where Venom has become like a pet of sorts. They cook, clean and operate together like a cute couple. Venom will fight Carnage in this new movie and I cant wait to see their battle as well as the implications for the next movie or potential crossovers.

My dream is to see Venom within the Spider-Man universe, specifically Tom Holland's Spider-Man. That would be the ultimate goal and would definitely smash some box office records in my opinion. Watch the trailer here and let me know what you think!