I'm An Englishman In Seattle!

So this week on, "An Englishman In Seattle" I have come to the realization that 2020 has it out for us. Shocker... That is right! This might be the end of times as we know it. I am not religious but there is some biblical stuff going on. A pandemic, the world is literally on fire and the sky is blood red.

Maybe the world is preparing for something really good though. It could be like a graph, it goes down, then comes back up. So I think that if we just hang in there we are due for some pretty good times. Or I could be totally wrong and we are due for a lifetime of terrible punishment!

But let's talk about some good stuff! What is the highlight of your year? I know that my year hasn't been all doom and gloom. If you have something nice to share you can hit us up on Instagram @hits1061seattle or hit me up personally @evanontheradio