Name: Ellen

Bio: Hi. My name is Ellen Acuario and I have no idea what day it is or how I'm still alive because i just took a sip from last week's coffee that I thought was today's. I'm only dying, no worries. Mornings you can catch me outside running after the bus, trying to throw my son in. He tells me every morning he hates school and I'm like "exactly" now stop asking me to volunteer there. BYE! Then I'm off to photograph clients because that's how I pay the bills. Sometimes they say things like "can you make me look 10 years younger, 10 pounds lighter." I just laugh at them really loud until it gets uncomfortable for both of us. 9pm hits, the kids are in bed and I'm tired out of my mind but I have to get to Seattle to make strangers laugh. Stupid passion! I collect my payment which is a drink ticket and a crinkled up ten. I down the vodka soda with a boat load of greasy fries from the bar which makes me feel like human garbage but hey NO REGRETS. I hurry home to find my kids sound asleep and the sitter netflixin. I run around scrounging up all my cash stash for the sitter, including the crinkled 10 and hand it to her yelling "Take All My Money!" Today was a good day?

Instagram: @ellenacuario

Twitter: @ellenacuario

Facebook: facebook.com/ellen.go