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Details: Seattle Musician Relief Campaign "Rain City Relief"

Press Release via Rain City Relief:

Sale of Rain City Relief’s vinyl compilation record to provide financial assistance to 10 emerging Seattle artists as well as relief for WA state musicians in need.

Rain City Relief is raising awareness and funds to support artists who have been impacted by the shutdown of live music venues during Covid-19.

Seattle WA | January 7, 2022: Rain City Relief, a benefit collab between Seattle business The Reef and nonprofit, The Seattle World Tour Foundation, launched presale of a new vinyl compilation record featuring 10 of Seattle’s breakout artists this past fall. The goal is to provide direct financial support to these artists who continue to experience hardship as the Covid-19 pandemic rages on. In addition, The Seattle World Tour Foundation will launch a permanent Seattle Musician Relief Fund with a portion of these proceeds aimed to help local musicians for years to come. Their focus right now is to raise at least $25,000 in Seattle Musician Relief. With about $6,500 raised right now, Rain City Relief ramps up this month to hit their goal this year.

This project has two main components – a vinyl compilation record as well as ten live performance sessions filmed one year to the day concert venues were forced to shut down to be released via YouTube and social media. A trailer of these performances, 7 of 10 performances, as well as presale are available here:

“The Covid-19 pandemic has hit artists particularly hard,” said Seth McDonald, Co-Founder of The Seattle World Tour Foundation. “Not only did the complete shut-down of live music venues cut off a means to make a living, but for all of the artists we are supporting with this project, it also halted the trajectory of their careers to some extent. With new variants coming into play, uncertainty is looming for artists once again.” McDonald said the artists selected to be part of Rain City Relief are all on the verge of breaking out to a national audience.

Performance videos have been released every 14 days since October. The vinyl record releases in stores on February 4th. Seventy-five percent of album sales directly support the musicians on the record. Twenty-five percent will directly support local non-profit – Seattle World Tour’s Artist Relief Fund. This is a permanent fund established by Seattle World Tour Foundation. Seattle-based musicians are invited to apply for funds starting Winter 2022.

Rain City Relief has been made possible by the generous support of The Reef, PAX® and Weedmaps.


Seattle artists included:

● Chong the Nomad

● Parisalexa

● The Black Tones

● Smokey Brights

● Shaina Shepherd

● Perry Porter

● Ariana DeBoo

● High Pulp

● Beverly Crusher

● All Star Opera

“It’s awesome, it's going to be something that is going to be benefitting artists, especially in these hard times where the music scene has taken a really hard hit.” -Max Stiles, Beverly Crusher

“In talking to a lot of other artists, there’s this realization that we are experiencing a crisis. We are in need of relief. - Sam "Oz" Osborn, All Star Opera

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