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SMH: Burglars Break into "KJ's Cakery Bakery Sweet Shop" in Kent

Burglar wearing black clothes and leather coat breaking in a house

Photo: Moment RF

I hate stories like this, but it's important we don't overlook them. Yesterday, someone (or some people) thought it would be cute to break into KJ's Cakery Bakery Sweet Shop in Kent. According to KJ's Cakery Bakery's Instagram, the burglars broke the front door window and stole the cash register. See their statement below:

Happy Sunday to the morons who decided to break in my Shop and take my complete cash register and leave shattered glass everywhere. The glass may be broken but I'm not. As a small business owner we have setbacks and we have to move forward.

Did I have alarm? Yes.

Did I have cameras?Yes.

If someone wants something they will take it. The police said it happened super fast. I'm just bummed.

We may not be open Tuesday as I figure out repairing the window and getting a new POS system. Yet another expense during a difficult Covid time. 😕 -Via @kjscakerybakery

Why do people do this!?! I understand we all have our struggles, but why make someone else have a setback because you do? Hopefully, the people who did this are caught and KJ's Cakery Bakery Sweet Shop makes double that was taken on Sunday.

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