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Richard Sherman Arrested in Redmond Wife Says He Threatened To Kill Himself

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I knew something wasn’t right in the buttermilk when I first read this story, but I didn’t think it was THIS bad 🥴 In case you missed it, former Seahawk Richard Sherman was arrested and “taken down” by a K9 after he got in a fight with Redmond police before his arrest. Currently, he is still in jail and was denied bail.

Here is what we know! At about 1 AM, Richard Sherman allegedly crashed his car into a cement freeway barrier on eastbound Highway 520 near the 148th Avenue Northeast exit. Then drove off from the scene of the crime even though he had popped tires from the accident.

According to Redmond police, Richard Sherman dropped his damaged car off at a local parking lot off a freeway exit, THEN made his way to his in-laws house on foot. Which according to King County property records is about 3 miles from where he left his car. TMZ is reporting, WSP obtained a warrant for bloodwork to determine if Richard Sherman was drunk during the car crash.

Now, this is where it gets really wild. Once arriving at his in-laws house something happened. It hasn’t be disclosed why he was there, why he tried to break into the home, or even why he was so upset. HOWEVER, we do have the 911 call from Richard Sherman’s wife Ashely Moss, where she says he tried to fight her Uncle at the home, he drank a bottle of Hennessy along with a bottle of Vodka. Annnddd she also says, he threatened to kill himself. Check out the frantic call below:

Now Richard Sherman’s wife Ashley Moss did speak with Seattle Times and said “At this time we’re going to make no statements, except he didn’t harm anybody,” Moss said. “My kids were not harmed in the incident. He’s a good person and this is not his character. We’re doing all right, just trying to get him out. I want people to know no one was injured.

Redmond police held a conference to speak on what happened this morning, see what they had to say below:

As of 4:50pm Richard Sherman is still in jail while also being denied bail.

According to Seattle Times: The King County Sheriff’s Office obtained an extreme risk protection order (ERPO) against Sherman earlier this year to bar him from possessing firearms, according to court records. The petition was sealed by a Superior Court judge, so details are unknown. Under state law, ERPOs can be sealed if there are no other active protection orders against the restrained party, no pending violations of the order, and evidence of full compliance with the relinquishment of firearms.

SHEESH! When someone mentioned this to me today in my IG live I didn’t think the rabbit hole would go this deep. But it seems like there is a lot more to this story that we may never find out. Like why did he feel the need to drink a bottle of Henny, AND Vodka? Why did he go to his in-laws? Why wasn’t his wife with him in the first place, did they get into an argument which made her go to her parent’s house? With the kids at that? Plus from the recording her parents weren’t the only ones there, she had other relatives, so that means, her Uncle either live there, he was called there because things started to get heated OR, there was a family gathering. I don’t know. What I do know is I’ll keep you all posted on what happens next 👀

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