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Tabitha Brown Prays For Wendy Williams: Wendy Speaks on Tabitha's Marriage

Tabitha Brown x Wendy Williams

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Oh Wendy 🤦‍♀️

I think sometimes in media it’s easy to speak on someone’s life while speaking through the lenses of your own. In this case, today Wendy Williams took to her purple chair to cover the latest headlines per usual, and one of the topics happened to be about Vegan Influencer Tabitha Brown who recently announced she was retiring her husband from the workforce.

Check out her announcement below:

WELL, I’m not sure if when they gave Wendy her show notes they only gave her a headline but sis took to her chair to compare her situation to Tabaitha’s

See what Wendy said below:

When I heard about this, I'd only Tabitha’s response, which can be seen below:

Here is the thing, no marriage is perfect, however, if you saw Wendy Williams’s documentary you have to know her ex-husband was not only allegedly abusive, but she was the breadwinner in the marriage.

The reason I say, maybe they didn’t prep Wendy with the full story is because if you go back to the first video on this page, Tabitha literally says this was a plan. Her husband worked (as LAPD) so she could live her dreams, and they decided together back then, in 5 years she would retire him so he could then work on his dream. Welp, it took a little longer than 5 years (15 to be exact,) but Tabitha Brown recently announced to the world she’s retiring her husband so he can live his dreams and coach kids.

IDK, as a radio host, I just at times wonder if people have the whole story before they speak on things. Or maybe she did, who knows. But I’m going to take a leap of faith and say Wendy only got part of that story. But that’s just me.

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