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Besa Gordon

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Converge Media Crowns Besa Gordon "The Pop Culture Queen of Converge"

Photo: Photo: Jake Gravbrot

I always get asked how I got started in radio, and even how someone would start their journey, and NOW, you finally have the answers! Shoutout to my Converge Media family for highlighting my journey at KUBE 93.3 and Converge Media. Check out a part of the article below, and read the full interview here.

For Converge Media and KUBE 93.3’s Besa Gordon, carrying tents and handing out speakers may not seem like the start of one of the fastest ascents in Seattle media, but for Gordon, it was the only opportunity she needed. A member of the KUBE 93.3 street team, Gordon worked to promote the station she now calls home.

“I was sick of cutting myself trying to put tables back together and working 16-hour shifts, while the radio host gets to interview and chill with the artists,” Gordon said.

After a couple of years of “slinging tents and speakers”, Gordon made the move into the office. She took a role in promotions, running social media, and creating digital content. Throughout her time in that position, though, she knew her calling was to be on air.

“Once KUBE came back, I decided to do a little manifestation board. I'm all about manifestation. And I wrote that I want to be the morning host of KUBE 93.3,” Gordon said. “I didn't know how, I didn't know when I didn't know the process.”

It took a leap of faith and a shot of tequila for Gordon to seize the opportunity she desired. As a member of the promotions department, she had little knowledge of the production side of the station. One day, she simply decided to go for it. Knocking on the window of the studio to get Eric Rosado’s attention was all it took, and after asking him how to get on air Gordon began making demos and learning the equipment.

“Me getting on air was all about my vibe. Like I just have a good vibe naturally when people meet me and when they see what I'm doing on social media,” Gordon said. “But if nobody knows that you exist, it's never going to make sense.


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