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Besa Gordon

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"Queens of Converge" Featuring Besa Gordon

Photo: Traeanna Holiday, Besa Gordon and Julia Jessie (Photo Jake Gravbrot)

It’s the melanin for meeee!

Shoutout to my Converge Media family. It’s been so much fun over the last year learning from them, and simply representing for every little girl that looks like me.

Recently, Converge Media set up a “Queens of Converge” photoshoot with myself, Traeanna Holiday, and Juila Jesse. Check out part of my feature below and click here to learn about Traeanna Holiday, and Juila Jesse.

Photo: (Photo Jake Gravbrot)

“There’s not a lot of [black women] out here,” Besa Gordon said. “When you’re in media and you look like myself, it can be very discouraging seeing a lot of racially ambiguous women on TV. To see someone like myself, who looks like the black girl from the CD (Central District), it’s amazing.”

Gordon also appreciates her position as a role model to black girls looking to follow in her footsteps.

“When you see it, it’s like ‘maybe that could be me in the future’,” Gordon said. “At least the option is there once you see it already being done. If you don’t see it being done, it makes it feel like it’s not possible.”


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