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10 Portland Artists You Should Know About

It’s a slow news week, so why not drop another list! Over the last couple of years, I’ve mainly done a list for artists in Seattle, simply because that’s where I’m from and where I live. However, the PNW is so much more than just Seattle and Washington State. With that being said (well typed) I’ve decided to drop a list specifically for Portland 😛 As usual, I must put in this disclaimer (even though it never seems to matter) the list below is in NO WAY to say these are the top artist in Portland, let alone the only ones out there. It’s simply a list of artists I think are dope and you should know about. Check out the list below:

Mic Capes


Rasheed Jamal

Donte Thomas

The Last Artful Dodgr

Myke Bogan


Vinnie Dewayne


Karma Rivera

As mentioned above, these aren’t the only Portland artist just a few I think are dope. Have more I should know about? DM me on Instagram @besagordon !

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